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    On sale Soy wax low melting point box 15 kg Soy wax melting point: between 42º to 50º special for making glass and massage candles Presentation: small scales Soy wax  of vegetable origin Ideal for making candles, massage candles, cosmetics ...

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    High soy wax melting point Melting point: 58º-62º  of plant origin Ideal for making candles without a container It is mainly used for "pillar" candles (candles without mold) or "figure" candles. It is biodegradable, renewable and respectful with the environment

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  • 26,15 €

    Paraffin oil 5 liter bottle Liquid paraffin CERAGI Chemical product Q10 To burn in oil lamps and oil lamps No smoke or odors It is a clean and decorative product, without fumes, ideal for gardens, terraces and events. For better combustion use our 100% cotton wicks.

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  • 6,50 €

    Stearine or Stearic Acid Download • Candle making• Soap making• Cosmetics• PlasticsStearic acid is a mixture of fatty acids obtained from the fractionation of solid components from the treatment of palm oil.

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  • 11,50 €

    Coconut wax Melting point 33º-35º C Color: milk white Coconut wax is great for making massage candles. Coconut wax is a completely hydrogenated wax, for the manufacture of candles and also in the cosmetics sector

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  • 8,40 €

    Palm wax, vegetable wax Palm wax with a low melting point, with selected vegetable additives so that the candle has an excellent combustion, and to obtain a smooth surface without cracks. Accepts up to 10% perfume Specially designed to make candles Palm wax is also widely used in wax paper applications

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    Soy wax low melting point  Soy wax melting point: 50º special to make candles with mold and massage Presentation:  scales Soy wax  of vegetable origin Ideal for making candles, massage candles, cosmetics ...

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  • 31,50 €

    Paraffin for manufacturing candles. Bread 5kg. Quality: Excellent. Price: Refers to 5 kg. Melting point: 52-54 degrees  

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    Soy & coconut base wax for making massage candles 70% soy wax mix with 30% coconut wax ideal for making massage candles, you just have to add the essence you like to perfume it Presentation: 1 kg- 5 kg-10 kg-25 kg in flakes

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    Bee wax Terrine: 460 grs. approximate Quality: Excellent. Pure 100% Ideal for making candles, soaps and cosmetics.  

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    Oil paraffin Oil paraffin container 1 liter. Liquid paraffin CERAGI Chemical product Q10 To burn in oil lamps and oil lamps No smoke or odors

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  • 130,85 €

    Paraffin use Physiotherapy 25 kg Paraffin for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and cosmetic treatment Melting point: 48-50 degrees Approximate weight Quantity: Boxes of 25 kg. Paraffin used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments.  

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    Bee wax Bread of 5 kg. approximate Quality: Excellent. Pure 100% Ideal for making candles and cosmetics. the color of the wax can vary to that of the photo since being natural

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  • 19,00 €

    Stamped beeswax and wick to make candles Composition: - 5 sheets of beeswax stamped - 4 meters of cotton wick Measures: 35 cm x 30 cm.

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    Beeswax candle 10 x 3.5 cm Box: 6 units 100% natural Measurements: 10 x 3.5 cm Quality: Excellent The advantage of beeswax candles is what gives it particular qualities, it offers important advantages:the color of the wax may vary from that of the photo since it is natural wax can be lighter or darker

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    Vela cera de abeja 10 x 2,5 cm   100% natural

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    beekeeping paraffin 5 kg  Paraffin with a melting point of 65 °Application: Ideal for waterproofing hives for beekeepingAlso for industrial use and wholesalers

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    Paraffin for manufacturing candles. 1,250 kgs. Quality: Excellent. Melting point: 52-54 degrees  

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